• Our Mission

Brazusa is A total  Football Agency, with player guidance before, during and after a athlete's career.

Our team  are experts in the soccer market. We establish relationships based on professionalism, transparency and trust, values that define our philosophy and the way we work. We are here to serve our members with potential and effectiveness to provide the most professional services and take care of all their needs off the field.

  • Our Vision

To become leader in this industry, by building relationships and earning the respect of our individual members and the football/soccer community.

  • Agency Overview

Brazusa Sports Agency offers services that no other agency currently does. Brazusa Sports agency is designed to not only find the teams and negotiate on behalf of its players, but we will also offer services such as players guidance, before, during and after their soccer career. Player development with fitness trainers & professional coaches a  psychological doctor,  media advisor, nutritionist, and professional advisors 






  • Media

  • Career Management

  • Transactions

  • Marketing

  • Propaganda


The athlete’s public image can be just as important as their performance on the field. It can bring you positive results. But also negative. specialists will be available to assist our players become professional interviewers and spokespeople. 


Live your life as a soccer game, Dribble the tears, kick the sadness and score a Goal of happiness !!!!


Agents will guide Players to keep a strong mind in difficult times and when dealing with negotiations, closing contracts, and endorsements


The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well, that the product or service molds itself and sells itself


​Basically use creativity with communication and promotion techniques to promote products, services or brands, focusing on a certain group of people, called the target audience.